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Sensgreen released breath update

We rebuilt our UI for seamless indoor air quality monitoring and made firmware optimizations to deliver improved experiences to our users.

We are rolling out Breath Update 1.0 today with the purpose of overcoming operational and monitoring issues reported by our users. Breath update 1.0  is designed and developed to deliver better experiences from data collection to monitoring and analyzing for safe indoor air. 

Firmware Update

Reliable collection of data and secure network integration are the essentials of IoT.  While we work on the firmware, we moved forward with the motivation that our users should not be distracted by hardware issues but focus on the data analysis, a quick and seamless start to their journey to sustain healthy air indoors. 

Network integration updated: To ensure a secure and high-performance indoor coverage, we changed our gateway partner and started to use Kerlink gateways for network integration. 

Battery lifetime optimized: While designing the hardware, we aimed to provide ease of installation and a maintenance-free process. Battery life is the critical factor in ensuring the experience we are aiming to deliver is hassle-free. With the Breath Update 1.0, the battery life is optimized by 3 times. The adaptive Data Collection Rate feature has been implemented for better battery optimization & performance.

Software Update

With Breath Update 1.0, we seek to build a robust and scalable foundation for our software. The UI has been redesigned and updated in this sense and aims to offer a new centralized reporting experience to our users. With faster and more responsive dashboard performance, you will quickly analyze data room by room using our improved charts.


• Alert settings stabilized: Alerting rules now allow you to define alert conditions based on the parameters and send notifications via email, SMS, or Whatsapp.  You can set up alerts for each room and follow up on the critical conditions. 


• Outdoor/indoor air comparison: You can now see outdoor air data on the dashboard. You can make a cross-match analysis by gathering data from both indoor and outdoor air and optimize HVAC systems and make them run more efficiently. 

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