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Sensgreen Announces Okay Barutcu as Chairman

Sensgreen, a technology company leading the transformation of buildings via their IoT AI-driven solutions, announced ...

Sensgreen- IoT-HVAC-IAQ-Sustainability-AI-Okay BarutcuSensgreen, a technology company leading the transformation of buildings via their IoT AI-driven solutions, announced Okay Barutçu as the chairman. 

Barutçu brings a wealth of experience to Sensgreen after more than three decades of working in leadership roles across multiple industries for international businesses such as Grundfos, General Electric, and Honeywell. With his 10+ years of board-level experience and proven track record of global sales and business development, Barutçu has added significant depth and reach to the leadership team of Sensgreen. 

Barutçu said, “Sensgreen is an intelligent, young, and dynamic start-up company developing smart solutions for buildings since 2018. HVAC-R is responsible for a significant portion of the carbon emissions globally and is the biggest cost component in any business in terms of purchase, operation, maintenance, and impact on the people’s performance. From our very first meeting, I was impressed with the company’s vision and how these solutions can positively impact building management, the well-being of the people, and overall sustainability goals globally. It took me just one meeting with the founding team to decide and invest in Sensgreen”

Sensgreen- IoT-HVAC-IAQ-Sustainability-AI-Hasan Basri TosunHasan Basri Tosun, CEO of Sensgreen, commented, “Our vision to address the lack of specialized intelligence systems in HVAC systems enables facility owners to skim the highest efficiencies in many aspects. With the joining of Okay Barutcu, our team is now much stronger thanks to his wealth of experience and broad skill set. We’ve not only gained a visionary leader, but also a top-level mentor for the rest of the team”. 

With a seasoned Chairman, Sensgreen not only strengthens its credentials, position, and capabilities but also will continue focusing even harder and faster on developing and expanding its technology solutions for buildings.  The founders and staff are confident and committed to making a difference in energy efficiency, health, and sustainability. 

Sensgreen was started by three young entrepreneurs in 2018 and received several awards and grants from around the World for its vision and product pipeline. With offices in Ankara, Abu Dhabi, and Singapore, the company has made fast progress in gaining support and sponsorship from various public and private investment/development agencies.

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