Sevgi Deniz Akdemir

Sevgi Deniz Akdemir is an environmental engineer and holds a Master's degree in renewable energy and energy efficiency from METU. She is currently operating as a PMP-trained Project Management Expert who has also taken part in different EC, UNDP, WB funded projects related to energy and environmental management in cities and industry. She is responsible for assisting and overseeing the development and implementation of project/program plans and activities in close consultation with counterparts. As an expert, supports cooperation, regular contact, and dialogue with partners, assists with PR work, cooperates with local communities, relevant organizations, non-governmental agencies, and individuals in the project/program environment, and other projects to improve and maintain good working relationships communicates local interests and efforts. Besides, she has led and contributed as a technical expert from conceptual development to implementing high-end projects on the national and regional levels. Her technical roles include preparation policy analysis reports, sustainable climate and energy action plans, and management, circular economy projects.

Stories by Sevgi

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